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Showcase: Jason Aldridge

Jason Aldridge is one of Gambit Films’ go-to DOP’s. His passion for the craft, skill with a camera and composition and his brilliant working nature makes him a dream for every director to work with. His creativity and artistic license with a lens leaves little doubt that only big things are to come for this young, driven cameraman. Have a look at some of his recent work…

The Grad Life Teaser Trailer

This is an official teaser trailer for the half-hour dramedy series, The Grad Life, that we’re currently trying to find a home for with a local or International broadcaster. The pilot for this series concluded principal photography in 2010 and has been in development ever since. Take a look…

THE WORKSHOP with Mr. Nico Geusebroek

Gambit Films recently beat out hundreds of competing companies for the privilege of hosting Mr. Nico Geusebroek – a European film and music industry veteran who has previously financed and distributed various European and International feature films. In February 2012, Nico Geusebroek arrived in Cape Town in order to commence a program, steering the growth of Gambit into new frontiers. The intense 10-day workshop afforded Gambit Films the opportunity to not only learn from Nico, who ┬áhas spent 25 years in the entertainment industry managing companies such as Bridge Entertainment, Holland Harbour Productions and EMI Records (Netherlands), but also to build on an international relationship that will only yield fantastic collaborative opportunities.

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