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Durban Film Mart: Nosipho Dumisa & ‘The Bill’

Congratulations to Director Nosipho Dumisa (Gambit Films) for making it into the selection for the Durban FilmMart 2013 with her feature film project “The Bill”. The Durban FilmMart Finance Forum provides selected African film-makers with the opportunity to pitch film projects to leading financiers and takes place in conjunction with Durban International Film Festival (DIFF). This year DFM will take place from 19-22 July, so we wish her luck as we work towards this amazing opportunity. It’s just another big step forward for Gambit Films!


On Tuesday 7 May 2013, Gambit Films was represented by Producer Benjamin Overmeyer at the South Africa & Nigeria Business Forum. The forum was attended by both, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Mr Goodluck Jonathan, as well as President of the Republic of South Africa Mr Jacob Zuma. Hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry, President Jacob Zuma had bilateral discussions with President Goodluck Jonathan based on the commitments made since the launch of the Bi-National Commission in 1999 to mark the dawn of formal bilateral cooperation on Economic Development matters between South Africa and Nigeria. Within this context the visit provided an opportunity for the South African businesses to interact with the Government and private sector leaders of Nigeria. The forum offered the opportunity for Gambit Films to interact with Politicians, Captains of industry and leaders from both territories in search of ways in which to increase trade and investment opportunities. The need for industrialisation on the continent dominated discussions. A record 9 MOU’s were signed between the two countries in the hope that this would ease current trade limitations. Following up from a trade mission Gambit Films’s Director Travis Taute attended in November 2012, we’re hoping that Gambit Films will soon have a presence in other African countries…


Brave New World is a VFX and digital animation hub comprised of a few world-class VFX companies that have collectively worked on projects from all around the world. Based in the CBD, this awesome enterprise is the perfect facilitator for all post-production needs the industry needs catering for. Check out their reel below…


Gambit Films recently participated in the Tribeca Film Festival in New York for 2 weeks as part of a delegation of South Africans introducing their projects to the American Film Industry. The trade mission was organized by the South African Consulate General in New York, and the Cape Film Commission, and also funded by the Department of Trade & Industry. Highlights included talks with Jay Roach, Ben Stiller, the wonderfully charismatic Mira Nair, Clint Eastwood and Darren Aronofsky and a surprise encounter with PSY (Gangnam Style). Gambit Films took several of its projects including: short film project ‘Precious Metal’; feature film projects ‘Indemnity’, and ‘The Bill’; a documetary series ‘The Forgotten’; the animated series ‘Trickster’; and the new TV Drama series ‘Vanished’. These proved quite popular amongst the other industry players in New York so we’re sure big things are coming soon. Watch this space!

FILMMAKER IQ: When are ideas free to steal?

An interesting article over at that we thought needed to be shared… A question raised was at what point legally does an idea go from something that any creative can use to being a piece of protectable intellectual property?

An excerpt from the article: “Granted, there are some ideas that aren’t created by anyone. They already exist– have to exist to be true to the genre. (This is called “scènes-à-faire” and we’ll go into this in depth in later columns.) For example, pirates go to sea on pirate ships, fly the Jolly Roger, have surly attitudes, pillage, plunder and say “Arrgh” all the time. Use of these ideas in a pirate movie are a given. They’re what make any movie a pirate movie and to leave them out would play real havoc with audience expectations. So these ideas are not protectable and are fair game to any pirate movie writer.

But when an idea gets very specific to a particular story or character, the use of that idea can rise to a level of protectablity, even reaching a court recognized version of copyright. What kind of idea can rise to this level? Well, it depends (you could see that coming, couldn’t you?) But when an idea associates itself strongly to a particular, recognizable and repeatable performance of that idea, then you shouldn’t be copying it. It’s the difference between dressing up as a generic pirate for Halloween or dressing up as Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow. There is enough uniqueness in that performance, established by consistent, replicated performances through all the movies to establish a clear relationship and audience recognition factor. Even though all of the elements chosen to make up the look and character of Sparrow (sorry, that’s Captain Sparrow,) were chosen carefully from the scènes-à-faire of pirate lore, the specific choices and performance given create an indelible, memorable (and very likely protectable) original.”

For the full article, visit


One of our favourite film-related websites is due to their consistent attempts at making the film industry and filmmaking in general more accessible to those without the Hollywood Blockbuster budget. Now, they’re taking it a step further… The major addition for version 6 of Filmmaker IQ are FREE in-depth filmmaking courses that, believe it or not, WILL make you a better filmmaker. Yes, that’s not your typical guarantee, but these aren’t your typical online filmmaking classes…

They don’t believe you have to drop a $100K on film school and then spend a few years working for free as PAs. (Neither do we!) There should be nothing stopping you from learning how to make better films. Their goal is not only to show you how to do a filmmaking technique but to learn the concept behind it: why it works and how to use it. Frankly, it’s pretty darn awesome.

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