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On the 21st of July 2014, Bradley Joshua represented Gambit Films as part of the Association for Transformation in Film and Television (ATFT) on a panel at the 35th Durban International Film Festival in order to discuss the importance of transformation in the film industry and our experience working with ATFT on delegations to various international festivals around the world. It was a fantastic experience, and Gambit is proud to be associated with an organisation dedicated to change and developing emerging local filmmakers.


In June 2014, the collective at Gambit Films were one of 15 teams selected to participate in the SilverSkerm Fees Short Film Competition. The script, Nommer 37 which, was written by Daryne Joshua, Nosipho Dumisa and Travis Taute commences principal photography in late July 2014. This exciting thriller, set entirely on the Cape Flats is a modern-day interpretation of the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Rear Window, commenting on the current political landscape of the criminal underworld. The film, to be directed by Travis Taute & Nosipho Dumisa will premiere at the SilverSkerm Fees on Friday 29 August in Cape Town. Stay tuned as we bring you updates on this exciting project!

Ons Stories: ‘AS EK HUIS TOE KOM’

In July 2014, Gambit Films completed production on one of the 20 ‘Ons Stories’ Television Films for Kyknet & Kie. In association with Freeway Pictures in Johannesburg, this 48-minute Afrikaans film, set on the backdrop of Cape Town’s notorious ghetto, the Cape Flats, is an intimate reflection on one family’s struggle to cope with the loss of their patriarch, and tells the story of a young girl named Haddie, and her attempt to understand the meaning of life and the importance of family during a particularly tumultuous time. In the wake of her grandfather’s passing, Haddie, a gifted young poet is asked to do the eulogy at his funeral and while collecting stories for her piece from various family members, she accidentally resurrects old family wounds that may threaten to destroy her family for good. ‘As Ek Huis Toe Kom,’ directed by Travis Taute will premiere on the Kyknet & Kie channel in Spring this year. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates!

Coming Soon: Regal Pet Health TVC

In June 2014, Gambit Films completed filming on a television commercial for Regal Pet Health Products. The TVC is a testimonial and tells the true story of an abandoned dog named Stuart that was rescued by the Wet Nose NGO and how, using Regal’s skin care products, they nursed the sickly Stuart back to perfect health. Marking the first time Gambit has worked with the Catapult Media, we’re excited about this cute little commercial directed by Gambit’s Nosipho Dumisa, scheduled to go on air in Spring this year.

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