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about us

It’s a simple story really. Gambit Films was founded in 2009 when a group of passionate, qualified film makers formed a multimedia agency that focuses on creating, developing and producing new and innovative intellectual property for Commercials, Film and Television.

Mouthful? Not really… Here’s how we do it: Gambit Films works in partnership with a series of super awesome companies that are simply the best at what they do… Filmmaking. From conceptual designs to delivery of any audio/visual product be it a commercial, music video, corporate video, or whatever you fancy, the team involved on any specific project, at any given time for whatever client works as if their lives depended on it.

By injecting a stronger dose of originality and creativity into the local industry and constantly acquiring and sharing knowledge, we aim to promote the building of a sustainable industry and lead a new wave of inspired filmmakers. See, for us it’s about attention to detail… It’s about ideas, stories, art, imagination, flair, passion. It’s about visuals, sound, beauty and life.  But most importantly, it’s about going beyond the ordinary.

This is not just another industry. An idea is not just another concept. A story is not just another movie. To us, this is not just another job… It’s a lifestyle. And loving every minute of it is the reason we’re a success story.

Daryne oversees all content produced by Gambit, ensuring that it remains of the highest quality. He also heads up the Film Department, focusing heavily on development.
Nosipho oversees the research and development of all potential Gambit projects. She also heads up Gambit’s Commercial Department.
Travis oversees all of Gambit’s operational projects ensuring that clients are always happy while on a Gambit set. He also heads up Gambit’s Television Department.

Simon oversees all post-production workflow, ensuring that the highest standards of efficiency are being met. He also oversees the technical development of Gambit.
Bradley oversees the business development of Gambit Films as well as all things new business and client management.
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