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Bradley Joshua

Bradley Joshua is Gambit’s Business Manager. With a focus on Business development, Bradley is the force behind the exponential growth of Gambit Films.

Having spent the last five years in Business Planning and Development as well as Marketing Management within in a corporate environment, Bradley drives the Vision, Mission and Strategy in order to continuously grow Gambit Films in the ever-changing marketplace.

Driving in-house initiatives to build a sustainable local industry, Bradley ensures that all content produced by Gambit Films is always of the highest quality. His ability to lead, teach and guide has inspired the development of a mentoring program that Gambit runs in sync with all their operational projects.

Through his leadership, clear guidelines are set for business success. His warm approach to business relationships keeps anyone that has ever worked with him, wholly motivated to achieve the highest levels of success. His inspiration enables Gambit members to, creatively, remain on top of their game.

With an undying passion for people, Bradley thrives on seeing the dreams and goals of individuals realized. His integrity and high moral standards lays the foundation for the way in which Gambit Films operates.

T: +27 (0) 82 892 6426




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