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Gambit captures the ultimate G.H. Mumm Experience…

Gambit Films is proud to have captured this awesome project for Empire Experiential.
‘The official champagne of Formula 1, persistent on its journey of celebrating firsts, introduces its first collection dedicated to the night. Capturing the spirit of celebration and prestigious moments around the country, Empire Experiential Marketing had the privilege of showcasing the distinctive taste and glistening bottles of the N°1 range’.
An exclusive launch to No.1 Night Edition, produced by Gambit Films.


In October / November 2014, Gambit Films produced a slate of inspiring Herbex Health Commercials that serve as testimonials to women that have achieved amazing changes in their figures due to dramatic weight loss. Directed by Gambit’s Nosipho Dumisa, these TVC’s are set to begin airing in January 2015 and have continuously inspired more women from all races, around the country to come forward and tell their story! We look forward to telling many more in 2015!

Coming Soon: Regal Pet Health TVC

In June 2014, Gambit Films completed filming on a television commercial for Regal Pet Health Products. The TVC is a testimonial and tells the true story of an abandoned dog named Stuart that was rescued by the Wet Nose NGO and how, using Regal’s skin care products, they nursed the sickly Stuart back to perfect health. Marking the first time Gambit has worked with the Catapult Media, we’re excited about this cute little commercial directed by Gambit’s Nosipho Dumisa, scheduled to go on air in Spring this year.

Coming Soon: Herbex ‘Bianca’s Story’ TVC

In May 2014, Gambit Films produced the latest Herbex Health Commercial which, told the story of Bianca Fouche and her jaw-dropping weight loss while using the incredible product. The commercial, directed by Gambit’s Nosipho Dumisa is scheduled to flight on South African airwaves later this year. Stay tuned!


In January 2014, Gambit Films completed a new commercial for the weight-loss brand, Herbex. The first men’s range testimonial focuses on 21 year-old De Wet Els, who lost a whopping 21 Kilograms. The commercial, scheduled to air in late January 2014 on National broadcasters the SABC and MNET, was directed by Nosipho Dumisa and features an adventurous take, filmed high up on the rolling hills of Somerset West.


In August 2013, Gambit Films was commissioned to shoot the Welcome Video for the 59th Annual Commonwealth Conference for Parliament, which was hosted in Sandton, Johannesburg. Through this privilege, Gambit Films became the first film crew in the history of our nation to set foot on the floor and film in the National Assembly Auditorium. It was a great honor to capture the essence of the South African parliament where our unique history was established and an experience none of the crew will forget anytime soon!


On June 28, 2013 Gambit Films produced another TVC for HERBEX – a healthy lifestyle and weight loss brand. The testimonial of Monica Steynvaart will be screening on local broadcasters MNET and the SABC later this year… – The ABC’S of a BLOCKBUSTER-LOOKING FILM

If you’re like us, and a fan of genre films, more specifically the particular grade/look/tone that defines them, check out this awesome article from Juan Melara over at; enabling smaller budgeted films to achieve that Hollywood look that has come to define the word ‘blockbuster,’ in the most simplistic way possible…


On Tuesday 7 May 2013, Gambit Films was represented by Producer Benjamin Overmeyer at the South Africa & Nigeria Business Forum. The forum was attended by both, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Mr Goodluck Jonathan, as well as President of the Republic of South Africa Mr Jacob Zuma. Hosted by the Department of Trade and Industry, President Jacob Zuma had bilateral discussions with President Goodluck Jonathan based on the commitments made since the launch of the Bi-National Commission in 1999 to mark the dawn of formal bilateral cooperation on Economic Development matters between South Africa and Nigeria. Within this context the visit provided an opportunity for the South African businesses to interact with the Government and private sector leaders of Nigeria. The forum offered the opportunity for Gambit Films to interact with Politicians, Captains of industry and leaders from both territories in search of ways in which to increase trade and investment opportunities. The need for industrialisation on the continent dominated discussions. A record 9 MOU’s were signed between the two countries in the hope that this would ease current trade limitations. Following up from a trade mission Gambit Films’s Director Travis Taute attended in November 2012, we’re hoping that Gambit Films will soon have a presence in other African countries…


Brave New World is a VFX and digital animation hub comprised of a few world-class VFX companies that have collectively worked on projects from all around the world. Based in the CBD, this awesome enterprise is the perfect facilitator for all post-production needs the industry needs catering for. Check out their reel below…

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