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From the 10th-23rd of May 2014, Gambit’s Bradley Joshua, Travis Taute & Daryne Joshua travelled to the Cannes International Film Festival to represent some of Gambit’s original content and productions from Cape Town, South Africa. Assisted through the Association for Transformation in Film and Television, along with the National Film and Video Foundation, and the Film Market Access Program, the trio created quite the sensation, attracting international attention in the form of sales agents, co-producers and co-finances due to the authentic, progressive and ambitious scope of their feature film projects, three of which are now fast-tracked and in advanced stages of development. Additionally, Gambit’s short film, The Briefcase, which screened at the festival as part of the short film corner, received critical acclaim from various influential industry veterans. We look forward to updating you on the progress of all of these projects, propelled forward as a direct result from attending the capital of the world film industry festival circuit. Stay tuned!

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